Return Ball - Baseball - Basketball - Soccer Ball

Single Player Toy Fun for Inside and Outdoors
  • 60 inch durable elastic rubber band with a Velcro wrist band and a 2.5 inch ball attached
  • The band affixes to your wrist and high quality rubber propels the ball back to you for hours of fun
  • Incredibly fun bouncy ball game for kids 6 yrs plus, older kids or even adults for fun or stress relief
  • Play catch by strapping the cuff around your wrist tossing the ball and catching it
  • Extremely easy to play and might help relief stress in the office or elsewhere. Builds coordination and strengthens your arm muscles


Extremely easy to play Builds coordination Addicting fun Elastic and durable. “Make it bounce”
Features. Refine your instincts and coordination with this classic toy the band affixes to your wrist and high quality rubber propels the ball back to you for hours of fun make it bounce on the floor once twice even three times or add more challenge by skipping the bounce all together.

If you feel stressed than this is the perfect ball to play with and relief all the stress at the office, at school, at home, at work or anywhere else. Helpful for PE classes or use it even in school classes to get the kids more focused by bouncing this durable return ball.

It helps kids who are hyperactive ADHD or ADD and improve coordination too.

You can almost call it yo-yo balls or simply yo yo.
Baseball, Basketball and Soccer ball.


1 Ball with wrist band and elastic band

Product Details

SKU RB1000
UPC 857862003126
Age 4+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:7.25 x L:4 x W:2.75 inches
Weight 0.25lbs

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Meets US CPSC Standards
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