RingStix Spare Rings

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We love this game! We bought the extra rings to go with the stix. It is a fun family game or play it by yourself.
— Sirrah S., RingStix Spare Rings customer
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RingStix Spare Rings

    • Premium quality rings; 1 red ring and 1 glow in the dark ring.
    • Perfect rings for RingStix or any other ring toss game - fun toys!
    • Play the glow in the dark ring at night at the beach, backyard or at the park.
    • Medium seize plastic rings; very durable and are for outdoor play!


Replacement Rings for RingStix or other ring toss games - One Red Ring and one Glow-in-the-Dark Ring.
Rings and the RingStix products float.
Improves hand-eye coordination. Family fun! Play anytime anywhere outdoors.

RingStix Awards


1 Red ring
1 Glow in the dark ring

RingStix How to Play

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