Return Ball Basketball

Very fun!!! Me, my husband and my son all play with this!!! I plan to get more so we can all have one. The string is long so you need to throw pretty hard. And do it outside is best. My son is 8 and he really loves it!!! Got the hang of it right away!!!
— Ash D., Return Ball customer
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Return Ball Basketball

    • ATHLETIC SOLO FUN: Play catch with yourself the best way! These wristband balls are a great way to keep the kids excitedly occupied for hours and can even be used by adults to while away the time
    • EASY TO CATCH: We’ve made the ball a small enough size so even small kids can wrap their hands around it no problem. With a 60 inch elastic rubber band and 2.5inch ball attached we are sure you will have no problem having a blast
    • GREAT QUALITY: No dealing with knock off return balls that break on the first use. We care about quality, our wrist rebound balls are made with durable materials to ensure the toy in one piece for your playing pleasure
    • COOL PARTY TOY: Bring these to the next birthday party or a friends gathering, they are sure to be a hit and make as a great gift. Wrist Ball is good for improving hand eye coordination, reaction time and concentration

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