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I just ordered for a game tournament at work. We had a blast! Never a dull moment with this game! Love it!!!
— Sharon M, Quaggle Customer
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    • Different, exciting and tons fun
    • Fast game
    • Never gets boring
    • Everyone just loves it
    • Super fast to learn
    • For those which need the extra kick, can use the unique Quaggle Timer App
    • Perfect for family & friends game night
    • All ages from 3+
    • All ages playing together works sensationally well
    • 2-12 players
    • Round 2 - 20 minutes
    • Yes, it sounds like “too good to be true” its true!!


Quaggle is a wonderful looking game that mixes together friendly competition and brings people together. You want to win the game but at the same time build a big structure to see how crazy it can get. Draw a card and see what you have to place, whether its the “Slice”, “Porkchop”, “Mr. Woo” and many more including the 3 “Wildcards”. Rack up points for every piece you place and win bonus points! Don’t destroy the structure or you lose points.
Quaggle is the next big thing to hit the balancing/stacking industry, get your set today!


- With cards
- 2-6 players
- 5-15min per Round
- Intensity Level Medium
- Winning player: Most cards

- No cards, no app
- 2-8 players
- 5-20min per Round
- Intensity Level Low
- Winning player: No winner

- With Quaggle unique countdown App
- 2-12 players
- 1-5min per Round
- Intensity Level High
Winning player: Last man standing

- With Quaggle unique countdown App
- 2-6 players
- 2-10min per Round
- Intensity Level High
- Winning player: Lowest time used


Number of Players

2-12 players


2 Red wood base pieces
12 White wood play pieces
10 Gray wood play pieces
3 Yellow wood play pieces
1 Deck of cards

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