Magno Darts

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What a fun dart board! The Middle School students I work with love it in their game room and it has become a fun addition. Magnetic makes it safer too. Adults and young students are having a blast with it!
— Melissa A., Magno Darts customer
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Magno Darts

    • MODERN TWIST ON A CLASSIC GAME: The magnetic dart board comes with quality, durable magnetic darts that stick every time. These won’t damage your walls or hurt your children, great for all ages and skill levels
    • FAMILY & FRIENDS FUN: Get all your friends and family together and learn the game of darts in safe way. Improve hand-eye coordination & concentration while encouraging sportsmanship. A fun way to spend family & friends evening
    • TELL US MORE: Innovative design with little numbers to give you the scoring of each slot. The dartboard comes with a keyhole slot in the back to make hanging easy and reliable in any room
    • ENDLESS FUN: Addicting indoor game that will keep you coming back for hours of fun. Works great for game rooms, man caves, offices, homes, birthday parties and more


Magno Darts is a magnetic dart board that comes with 12 sure-stick darts on a highly magnetic board!

This new take on the classic pointed dart game is a hit wherever you take it. Everybody knows darts and people are always drawn to throw at least a few. Whether you want to gift it to somebody or put it up in your house we're sure it will be a popular item.

With these magnetic dart tips you don't need to worry about kids getting hurt or scratching up your walls, it's safe for everyone and everything.

There is nothing more annoying than tossing a magnet and it not sticking to the board, or worse it sliding down the board as it lands, it just doesn't have the same feel as pointed darts. At Funsparks we understand that quality is virtually everything when it comes to our products and we've made sure that we have top of the line magnets that stick where you hit them every single time!


1 Magnetic dart board (diameter 14.5”)
6 Red darts
6 Green darts
1 Rules guide

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