Jazzminton® Sport - 10 Indoor Replacement Birdies

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Jazzminton® Sport - 10 Indoor Replacement Birdies

    • Jazzminton Sport Indoor Birdies pack of 10. The bright colors makes the birdies easy to see even at high speeds
    • These birdies are for tournament or competitive play. Sport birdies are built to perform, they fly true, straight and feel good off the paddle
    • Made from 6 goose feathers attached to a rubber point. These feathers causes the birdies to slow as they fly. The harder you hit the more significant it slows down giving you more time to react allowing for amazing rallies
    • By playing Jazzminton Sport you can improve hand-eye coordination, lateral movement and reaction time. Great practice for pickleball, tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis and more
    • High quality birdies & 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are new to Jazzminton or a seasoned player, these are the best value replacement birdies allowing you to get right back in the action. Ages 6+


Jazzminton Sport Birdies are the primary birdie for Jazzminton Sport. This is a 6 feather multi colored birdie. The birdie slows as it flies making every hit returnable. The harder it is hit, the faster it slows down as it spins more creating more drag from the air. This slowing down allows the game to have no boundaries as every hit is within reach.

Jazzminton Sport is great for any weather situation as you can play outdoors and indoors. A small space requirement is needed opposed to tennis, pickleball or badminton where you need an entire court, often outdoors. Jazzminton Sport is great for improving hand-eye coordination, lateral movement and reaction time.


10 Sport Birdies


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