Jazzminton® 4 Birdies

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My kids and I play this every afternoon! So much fun!
— Davey B., Jazzminton Birdies customer
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Jazzminton® 4 Birdies

    • Set Includes: 4 Birdies Total; 2 Red Birdies for Slow Play and 2 Yellow for a Faster Game
    • These Shuttlecock Birdies are used for Indoor and Outdoor Racket Games
    • Glued with Special Water Proof Glue, Great to Play at the Beach or in a Pool
    • Perfect for Wooden Paddles such as the Jazzminton Paddle Game by Funsparks


Really fun to play at the park or beach. Time flies by and you're exercising who knew?
A lot of folks playing it indoors as well because the cold weather goes on for too long sometimes so we thought we should have a paddle game not just for outdoors.
This game is a hit and a very hot item for birthday gifts or other occasions.


2 Yellow Fast Birdies
2 Red Slow Birdies


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