Jazzminton® 10 Birdies Multipack

My family loves these...we bought another set because we enjoy it so much. And extra birds. Lol. It's fun, it's well made. Buy it.
— Sean M., Jazzminton 10 Birdies customer
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Jazzminton® 10 Birdies Multipack

    • ENDLESS FUN: Amazing indoor game and outdoor games for kids & adults: The birdies slow as they spin creating an exciting game with long rallies great for all ages. You can even play over a badminton net, great way to introduce racket sports to children or beginners
    • CONTAINS 10 BIRDIES: 3 colorful birdies to play in strong wind, 3 yellow for faster play and 4 red for slow. Jazzminton is a great way to increase hand eye coordination, motor skills and keeps you active
    • GREAT VALUE: 10 goose feather shuttlecocks for any playing condition; indoors, outdoors in strong wind or at the water. Grab your friends and family and get outside for some active fun away from phones, TV’s and video games
    • RELIABLE BIRDIES: Our shuttlecocks are made from real feathers that are attached with water resistant glue to ensure nothing breaks if playing at the pool, beach or even if it rains. Great for improving coordination, motor skills and keeps you active away from phones, TV’s and computers
    • HIGH QUALITY BIRDIE & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are new to Jazzminton or a veteran player, these are the best value replacement birdies yet, allowing you to get right back in the action in no time. Ages 6+


Comes with 10 birdies total.

3 wind birdies to play in winds up to 15mph

The wind birdie is great to take out to the beach, park or backyard as the wind will not affect it. The black tip is bigger and heavier allowing it to soar through the air without being tossed and turned by the wind. This birdie works great for winds up 15-20mph

4 red slower flying birdies for beginners, indoors or just a more casual style of play

The red birdie works great for indoors as it wont break TV or computer screens upon impact. It flies slower than the other birdies allowing you more time to prepare for your hit making it a great option for beginners to learn.

3 yellow faster flying birdies for the more competitive fast paced players

Once you've become comfortable with the red birdie you can opt for the yellow birdie. This birdies feathers are a little bit shorter than the red one creating less drag and therefore allowing it to fly faster. Try this one out if you are looking for a faster paced competitive game.


4 Red Slow Birdies
3 Yellow Speed Birdies
3 Wind Birdies


We give a 100% money-back guarantee or an exchange at the customer’s request if they are not fully satisfied with their purchase. It does not matter on which online store you bought it as long we sold it to you.

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