Jazzminton® Deluxe

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We took 2 sets to the beach, game is excellent, the birdies are well weighted, and the paddles are sturdy. It is a great game for all ages!
— Shelley M., Jazzminton customer
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Jazzminton® Deluxe

    • FULL SET INCLUDES: Includes 2 fluorescent wooden paddles, 2 balls and 6 birdies; 2 red birdies for slow play, 2 yellow for fast and 2 orange patented LED birdies for the evening as well as a durable carry bag
    • QUALITY MATERIAL: Paddles are 7-layer plywood with water resistant paint and moisture wicking soft rippled foam grip handles for comfort
    • PATENT PENDING LED BIRDIES: Real feather LED birdies allow you to play well in to the evening with all your friends and family. LEDs last for 60 hours and are screw tightened to ensure structural integrity


Funsparks Jazzminton Deluxe 3 in 1 is the largest paddle ball set on the market including 6 birdies (2 red for a slow pace of play, 2 yellow for a faster pace and 2 LED birdies for evening play) 2 balls that can be played even in windy conditions and a reusable bag to carry all the pieces. The feathers are attached using a special water-resistant glue to ensure play by the beach, pool or in the rain. This game is excellent for beginners or veterans alike as you can play fast or slow, with choice of a variety of birdies. Rally back and forth or set and spike your way to a competitive game, no matter what this game is loads of fun for all ages.

Jazzminton Awards


1 Fluorescent Orange Paddle
1 Fluorescent Green Paddle
2 Red Slow Birdies
1 Yellow Fast Birdie
1 Wind Birdie
2 LED Birdies
1 Heavy Play Ball
1 Light Play Ball
1 Carry Bag


WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs , beds, carriage, or playpens. This bag is not a toy.

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