Jazzminton® Select Double

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Jazzminton® Select Double

    • ULTIMATE PADDLE GAME: This is the ideal paddle ball game for all
    • JAZZMINTIN DOUBLE SET: Ideal for the whole family, friends, schools, pe-classes and much more
    • INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Slower birdies are best used for indoor play and the balls for outddors
    • PERFECT RACKETS: Great as a Gift, Play at the beach, in the backyard, or on the playground, we can play without restrictions. This is a good choice for kids without complicated rules.
    • INCLUDES: 4 paddles (2 orange and 2 green),4 red birdies, 11 birdies (4 slow, 4 speed, 2 wind, 1 LED birdies), 4 balls (2 speed and 2 slow balls) and carry bag.


Jazzminton is an exciting, fast paced and extremely addictive indoor/outdoor paddle game. Just serve to the other player and rally back and forth. Play a fast competitive game or keep it simple.

The sport of paddle ball is generally played between 2 people, however you may have as many people and as many birdies or balls as you like.

There are no boundaries so you can play this game virtually anywhere especially because the birdies are not very hard and will not break things on impact.

Jazzminton Awards


2 Fluorescent Orange Paddles
2 Fluorescent Green Paddles
4 Red Slow Birdies
4 Yellow Fast Birdies
2 Wind Birdies
1 LED Birdie
2 Heavy Play Balls
2 Light Play Balls
1 Carry Bag


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