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Jazzminton® Sport is the all new, first ever, competitive paddle ball game that will have you playing for hours. Similar to Tennis, Badminton, Pickle Ball and Table Tennis but with a whole new spin on it, literally!


Net with Steel Frame (1 minute assembly)
2 Premium Paddles

4 Sport Birdies

2 Sport Wind Birdies
1 Birdie Case
4 Yellow Balls
Manual and Rules - Color Print
Padded Carry Bag

Included but only needed for windy conditions:
2 Anchor Hooks (wind stabilizing)
2 Anchor Ropes (wind stabilizing)
4 Court Hooks (boundaries)
1 Red Court Rope with Winder (boundaries)


The birdies slow as they spin making every hit within reach,
allowing for long rallies that will have you sweating and getting those competitive juices flowing.
Jazzminton Sport Easy to Learn


If you are highly skilled in a racquet or paddle game, you will love it.
Due to the birdie technology, the birdie adjusts to the player's skill.
Jazzminton Sport on the Drive Way


- Small space requirement
- Indoors and outdoors
- No court needed
(except in windy conditions)

Our birdie technology, adjusts its speed and distance to the strength of the hit.
Jazzminton Sport No Boundaries


Jazzminton® Sport is built for
indoors or outdoors.
Even in windy conditions.
We have different birdies for every condition.
Play indoors right in your own living room, the height is 8ft suitable for most houses allowing you to play even when it's too cold or rainy outside.

Jazzminton Sport Play Anywhere

(Garage, Hallway, Living room, Basement, At the office, Backyard, Front yard, Gym, Park, Beach)


We purposely constructed Jazzminton® Sport to be played WITHOUT boundaries.
You can spike the birdie as hard as you want, we’ve created it so it can’t fly too far where it's out of reach.
Even the hardest hits are playable.
Think professional badminton where the rallies can be crazy!
Jazzminton Sport Exiting Rallies


Fast set up, only takes a couple minutes to assemble.
Our manual has easy to follow instructions plus a comprehensive video is available on our website.Jazzminton Sport Setup


Take along on vacation, in the car or as carry on in plane.
Jazzminton Sport Easy to Transport

Launch Price $179.99 only on Funsparks
Limited Time - Order Now!
Free Shipping


This set is made to the standard of premium sport equipment.
Quality is everything and we can give you our promise that we've done everything to ensure this will stand the test of time.


Jazzminton Sport is played 1 vs 1.
A player starts a point by serving the birdie through the opening of the net.
The receiving player must return it back through the net, this goes back and forth until a player cannot return it.
First player to reach the agreed upon points wins, usually 11 or 21 (win by 2).
Launch Price $179.99 only on Funsparks
Limited Time - Order Now!
Free Shipping


One year warranty for defects in workmanship and materials.


The last 4 years we’ve been developing Jazzminton® Sport
with countless tweaks and versions.
Everything from the frame, netting, paddles
and birdies had to be modified.

Our goal was to have these points fulfilled:

- Any player, young or old – beginner or pro, has a blast
- Does not require a court or boundaries
- Can play in your living room, front/back yard
- Easy to carry
- Affordable
- High quality, long lasting
- Set up within minutes
- As good as or better than: badminton, table tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis.

During the test period we had close to 100 different people playing it and we would always ask “how much fun is this compared to: badminton, table tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis” – the most common response was #1 Tennis, #2 Jazzminton® Sport with the others coming after.

Finally, we have completed it and are ready to start shipping out.
Please let us know through email, review or social media how you like it and don't forget to tag #jazzminton.

We can proudly state Jazzmintion® Sport is the ultimate paddle game and we can’t be more excited for you to try it!

Trademark and Patents
Jazzminton® Sport has 2 Pending Patents (US and International)
Jazzminton® is a Registered Trademark.

Launch Price $179.99 only on Funsparks
Limited Time - Order Now!
Free Shipping

8 Reviews

Phil S
Oct 26, 2021
Perfect game for the park or beach!
Jazzminton sport is very fun and easy to pick up. Me and my SO (neither of us star athletes) were able to get rallies going almost immediately. Playing on sand where you can dive is even more fun. The birdies are designed to slow down pretty quickly. I love the feeling of smashing the birdies as hard as I can and not worrying about it going flying off into some unsuspecting folks peaceful picnic - I love that you don't need to worry about boundaries. Did it go through the net or not easy. - You can get setup and playing within minutes, I'm pretty lazy so this helps - It doesn't need a lot of room, so you're not spending 30 minutes looking for a space large enough to play on a busy park day Overall, yeah, try this out.
Phillip D.
Oct 23, 2021
Indoor and Outdoor Fun
Five stars hands down. All items are of good quality and were packaged very nicely. This game is very fun and amazing. I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend.
Oct 20, 2021
Good outdoor sports game
Very fun game, I play this with my friends and they love it. We had some big rallies, definitely gets you sweating. Seems like its good quality. I do recommend
Oct 19, 2021
Get ready to compete.
Head bands and towels at the ready. Once the cobwebs have been dusted off the competition really heats up. Captivating and intense matches that keep you hooked for hours. Truly a fun new activity.
Jonathan S
Oct 18, 2021
Better than Tennis!
Jazzminton is an amazing game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It’s great fun for all ages. I play with my friends, parents and everyone loves it!