Lazy Laces

Colorful Silicon Shoe Laces - for kids or elderly
  • Multi colored no tie shoelaces easy to install once - 1 set 16 laces enough for 1 pair of shoes
  • High quality silicone material elastic stretchable shoelaces for kids and elderly
  • Trouble bending down to knot your shoes? Not anymore needed with these laces.
  • Convenient for kids and parents who are on the run or simply making their own fashion statement
  • These shoelaces stretch and adjust by walking, running and stretching movements


The shoelaces come in 8 different colors (light green, yellow, orange, pink, white, purple, light blue and dark blue) with 8 different lengths to fit your shoe perfectly and for any shoe type

High-quality silicone material with a ultimate tensile strength which hold up even under strong pull and no change of colors. Installing these laces is a onetime event.

They’re fun for the younger and very convenient for the elderly or disabled who are having a hard time bending down and tying their shoes.

Lazy Laces turn every type of shoe into a slip-on and you never have to worry about loose laces or re-tying your sneakers.

Slip in and slip out. Lazy Laces are comfortably elastic and waterproof.


16 laces, 8 for each shoe

Product Details

UPC 857862003164
Age 6+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:.2 x L:10.31 x W:4.33 inches
Weight 00.08lbs


Wholesale Information

We warehouse in Los Angeles and Atlanta.
Based on your ship to address and our inventory we choose the ship from address.
Please contact us if you are interested to sell our product line, in your store, on your website or catalog.
We don’t sell to companies which sell on 3rd party online stores.
MOQ pcs - half carton
Inner Carton 12pcs
Master Carton 48pcs

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