Jazzminton 4 Wind Birdies

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    • EXCELLENT VALUE: 4 goose feather Shuttlecocks in 1 tube - works in strong wind because of its heavy base.
    • HIGH QUALITY BIRDIE & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Feathers attached with water-resistant glue to ensure cohesion
    • PERFECT FOR WINDY BEACHES: Enjoy the amazing game of paddle ball at without fear of the wind at a beach park or yard
    • EXCELLENT FOR SCHOOLS OR COMMUNITY CENTERS: Durable birdies for young men and women
    • OUTDOOR SHUTTLECOCK: Enhances the play pattern for advanced players if played with wooden paddles

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Jazzminton Accessory

LED Birdies

Wind Birdies

4 Birdies

10 Birdies

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Jazzminton Wind Birdies are a great add-on to the Jazzminton paddle game set as it allows you to play in windy conditions. These birdies are a little heavier and larger than the other birdies allowing them to soar through the wind unfazed. Play at the beach, park, backyard or just about any outdoor setting you can think of and never worry about the wind again!


4 Wind Birdies

Product Details

SKU JM5003
UPC 857862003393
Age 6+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:6.3 x L:2.4 x W:2.4 inches
Weight 00.14lbs


Meets US CPSC Standards Meets EU Standards


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MOQ 6pcs - half carton
Inner Carton 12pcs
Master Carton 48pcs

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