Lazy Laces "Express your Style & Keep it Simple"

Full set for 2 shoes 16 bright colorful laces, 8 for each shoe Insert them once and never tie your shoes again Silicon is flexible and durable

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Leave your primitive shoe strings in the box, and welcome to the 21st century with Lazy Laces. This fun accessory lets you express your style by anchoring a pair of silicon laces to your favorite shoes. With this flexible and durable material you may never have to tie your shoes again.

One set includes: 16 colorful laces - 8 for each shoe

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Virtual Reality Glasses 2.0 Colorful, laminated, inexpensive Glasses with button to interact with apps

These VR (Virtual Reality) Glasses are sensational, at a great price. Has button to interact with apps, that’s why it is 2.0. Works with all smart phone sizes. Experiencing the thrill of VR is as simple as watching a YouTube® Video or downloading a free App. Each pair of glasses come with instruction sheet, which gives ideas for apps.

Virtual Reality Glasses 1.0 DIY

12 pcs packed in a CDU (Counter Display Unit)

Includes Manual, Cardboard, Lenses, Velcro pads (R) , Rubberband Works great like any other VR1 Glasses Great impulse item at very low cost.

Why VR Glasses are important to Education

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